Press for Anthem

“ . . East West Quintet is a clever, highly disciplined instrumental unit . . . that marries visceral rock with jazzy improvisation and other disparate elements into an intriguing brew.”

-Bill Milkowski, Downbeat​

Anthem is a smartly produced and arranged work where every track has something new and interesting to say…for my money, [Anthem] is a triumph…10 out of 10.”

-Martin Burns,

“More forward thinking than left leaning, this is jazz of tomorrow for the open eared and adventurous.”

-Chris Spector, Midwest Jazz Record

“East West Quintet have created something quite unique with Anthem. The combination of heavy rock chords and jazzy complexity is both adventurous and totally absorbing. Excellent stuff!”

-Jon Neudorf, Sea of Tranquility

“What this is is extremely well-played instrumental music of skill and introspection.”

-Phillip Freeman, The New York City Jazz Record 

“With most tracks coming in around the 4-6 minute mark, there is a minimum of pretension – but an abundance of instrumental goodness.”

-Avant Music News

“Lots of intriguing ideas meld well with accessible grooves here.”

-George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly


“Enthusiastic youth coupled with solid musicianship and strong compositions offer the winning edge by this Brooklyn, New York-based ensemble…Vast is an unanticipated musical treat…”

Glenn Astarita (All About Jazz)

“Progressive ears are sure to dig it.”

Chris Spector (Midwest Record)

“…successfully integrates rock into jazz without losing the later genre’s improvisational skill and daring.”

Joseph Taylor (

“…intelligent tracks from a group unwilling to follow the herd or abet it.”

Mark S. Tucker (

“…{East West Quintet} managed to create their own brand of fusion jazz that adds the raw power of rock while retaining the immediacy of jazz…A lot of contemporary jazz acts might be heralded as a bridge for rock fans to cross over into jazz, but Vast is one of the better-built bridges I’ve heard in a long while.”

Pico (

“…adventurous music played by a highly able quintet. They seem to be happy exploring the spaces between genres, blending, molding and meshing to make a new sound that still manages to be all jazz.”

Kyle O’Brien (Jazz Society of Oregon)

“The combination of musical integrity and youthful vigor can be a potent force of positive energy in an often down-trodden, stagnant jazz industry. The East West Quintet plays with the kind of resonating exuberance that is refreshing and hopeful…The collaborative feel throughout the disc creates a unique and distinctive sound that should serve as a catalyst for wider attention in the marketplace.”

John Barron (All About Jazz)

“Based in New York, the East West Quintet drives through Jazz’s modern mainstream with a fresh voice that interprets original compositions with class…The energy that EWQ pumps into its session has an immediate effect on the senses.”

– Jim Santella (All About Jazz)

“The band breathes fire and passion into this well-conceived project…The quintet cleverly intertwines instruments, creating all kinds of color, all the while enhancing the emotions rooted in every piece.”

– Dr. Anna Isabel Ordonez (

“A truly delightful piece of magic by an unheralded small combo of fine players…Sophisticated charts with color and creative harmonies make The Brooklyn EP one of those hidden treasures to listen for.”

Edward Blanco (eJazz News)